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More on Kylin (chinese secure OS)

Posted in IT Security on May 31, 2009 by cobra

There has been a lot of hype about the supposedly secure made-in-China OS called Kylin. Many people have downloaded it and are willing to share the details that they were able to find out. Please access the link for more info (and pics) on Kylin.



China chooses FreeBSD as basis for secure OS

Posted in IT Security on May 30, 2009 by cobra

China has developed more secure operating software for its tens of millions of computers and is already installing it on government and military systems, hoping to make Beijing’s networks impenetrable to U.S. military and intelligence agencies. The FreeBSD OS Currently being used by chinese goverments and military is called ( Kylin ) known to be more secure than any other OS curerntly in the market.   Enter the link below to read more–/news/113298


Cisco ASA’s new Botnet Traffic Detector: Too good to be true?

Posted in IT Security on May 29, 2009 by cobra

No need to fear Botnets anymore as Cisco has released a new software version, 8.2, for the ASA that includes many new features, one of which is a Botnet Traffic Filter (license required). Botnets can be quite troublesome to corporations as the infected hosts are often difficult to identify. please click on the link for more info


RootKit Hunter: Detect and remove Linux rootkits

Posted in IT Security on May 28, 2009 by cobra

Ever Wondered if there was a way to detect malicious malware that may otherwise go undetected by various Antivirus and spyware detection programs that doesnt gaurentee 100% safety. The answer’s simple (RootKit Hunter), click the below link to watch a video of how to install and use Rootkit Hunter, a free rootkit scanner for Linux and BSD distributions that can detect dozens of malicious code that maybe invisible to many malware detection programs.,289483,sid14_gci1357033,00.html?track=sy260

In order to download RootKit Hunter enter the link below, once you’re there on your right you’ll find the download link. It also includes documentation for Rootkit scanning techniques for your refference.


Note: This program may only run on Linux OS (All distributions) and BSD, It does not work on Windows.

Its definitly worth checking out right now. Please make yourself useful and learn a new technique that could end years of struggle against malwares.



Arm yourself with the knowledge to fight cybercrime

Posted in IT Security on May 26, 2009 by cobra

Criminal activity involving computers continues to grow, making it critical for law enforcement personnel, legislators, and IT pros to develop the knowledge to prevent, detect, report, and prosecute cybercrime.

The below link (PDF) includes a full chapter taken from a book named “Scene of the Cybercrime, Second Edition”  which discusses cybercrime definitions and categories, jurisdictional issues, prioritizing cybercrime enforcement, educating criminal justice professionals and the IT community, and strategies for fighting cybercrime.

I hope you find it usefull


Study: password resetting ‘security questions’ easily guessed

Posted in IT Security on May 25, 2009 by cobra

How secret are in fact the ’secret questions’ used for resetting forgotten passwords? Not so secret after all, according to a just published study according to which 17% of the study’s participants were not only able to answer the ’secret questions’ of strangers, but also, that the most popular questions were in fact the easiest ones to answer. 

Please Immediately follow this link for more info about this Hot topic.


Inside the botnets that never make the news !!

Posted in IT Security on May 25, 2009 by cobra

If you ever wanted to take an inside view of targeted-botnets primarily run by novice cybercriminals sometimes utilizing outdated, but very effective methods. It offers an inside view of those “beneath the radar” botnets that never make the news. The images have been collected throughout the past year by using open source intelligence, namely, by either joining the command and control IRC channel upon infection, or monitoring ongoing communications between the botnet masters. 

Enter the link below for more info on this subject.