RootKit Hunter: Detect and remove Linux rootkits

Ever Wondered if there was a way to detect malicious malware that may otherwise go undetected by various Antivirus and spyware detection programs that doesnt gaurentee 100% safety. The answer’s simple (RootKit Hunter), click the below link to watch a video of how to install and use Rootkit Hunter, a free rootkit scanner for Linux and BSD distributions that can detect dozens of malicious code that maybe invisible to many malware detection programs.,289483,sid14_gci1357033,00.html?track=sy260

In order to download RootKit Hunter enter the link below, once you’re there on your right you’ll find the download link. It also includes documentation for Rootkit scanning techniques for your refference.


Note: This program may only run on Linux OS (All distributions) and BSD, It does not work on Windows.

Its definitly worth checking out right now. Please make yourself useful and learn a new technique that could end years of struggle against malwares.




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