How to find sensitive information on the endpoint device

There’s little question that any security manager who’s suffered through a lost laptop incident knows what aspect of the ordeal causes an organization realdamage. When a laptop goes missing, it’s not the loss of a $2,000 asset that causes heartburn; it’s the fear, uncertainty and doubt that results from not knowing whether sensitive information was stored on the missing device.

Fortunately, security professionals may take advantage of a number of sensitive information discovery tools to identify and eradicate sensitive information stored on endpoint devices. 

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Scanning systems for sensitive data is a complex problem but, fortunately, there are a variety of tools and techniques available to assist in the process. Minimization, the searching and eradication of sensitive information on endpoints, is a powerful strategy in the arsenal of security administrators seeking to reduce enterprise risk.

There are a variety of open source and commercial products available to assist you in detecting these sensitive numbers on enterprise systems. One of the best tools available to use and free to download is 

Identity Finder

Click on it to go to the websites main page for download




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