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Google statistics reveal top 10 malware sites

Posted in IT Security on June 5, 2009 by cobra

Google has published statistics on the top 10 malware source sites from its scans over the last two months. These are sites which host malware that is delivered to users by infecting legitimate sites to re-direct their browser to one of the malware source sites. Attackers then use various exploits in Internet Explorer, Firefox and QuickTime to infect the victims system with malware. Click here to read more:

Google recommends that users choose a web browser that includes their Safe Browsing API (click here to get this API), such as Firefox or Chrome, to protect themselves from Phishing and other online attacks. Google also warns that some search results can lead to compromised sites. (Note: you need to have a google account for Safe Browsing API to work).

The Safe Browsing API is an API that enables client applications to check URLs against Google’s constantly updated blacklists of suspected phishing and malware pages.