Immunet releases free cloud-powered antivirus for Windows

Imagine for a moment that you could leverage the computers of your friends, family and a worldwide global community to harness their collective security. Every time someone in this collective community encounters a threat everyone else in the community gains protection from that same threat in real time. You no longer have to rely on the isolated security of your current AntiVirus vendor. You will be able to protect your friends and family while being better protected yourself.

Collective Immunity by Immunet makes this a reality. By providing a fast and light layer of virus detection and linking everyone in a global community we harness a security sum that is far greater than its individual parts.

Collective Immunity gathers strength daily as the Immunet Community grows and best of all its FREE. Already have AntiVirus? Even better, install Immunet Protect alongside your existing product, and it will make the Immunet community even stronger.

Click here to download Immunet Anitivirus for Windows Now.

Please enter Immunet’s website for more information about the Cloud AV.

Takecare and have a happy & protective cloud computing with Immunet


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