Security through Virtualisation

A separate virtual system for every task — that’s the basic formula of Qubes‘ security concept. Qubes, a new operating system presented by Joanna Rutkowska, plans to limit any damage malicious software might do; so even if the game just tested turns out to be a trojan or an attacker is exploiting a WiFi driver bug, our online banking credentials are not at risk. They are safely stored in the banking VM, which runs nothing but online banking.

The researcher’s approach relies on isolating individual tasks in light-weight virtual machines (VMs) running on one physical PC. Its technical foundations are provided by existing open source projects such as Xen, Linux and the X Window System, on top of which Joanna Rutkowska and her colleague Rafal Wojtczuk have designed and implemented components such as a secure graphical user interface. The GUI is able, for example, to safely allow for copying and pasting between VMs.

Please click here to read the complete documentation on (Qubes OS Architecture).


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