Web Exploits: There’s an App for that

In the last few years M86 Security Labs has seen a dramatic increase in attack or exploit kits. These easy-to-use kits are the backbone of exploits in the “wild”. M86 Security Labs research reviews how exploit kits are developed, distributed and monetized globally. The turnover of exploits is quick. The success rate is high. And, all of this for very minimal cost for the exploit kit users and operators. The details in this report will provide a fundamental understanding of how exploits operate and give the reader a true sense of the business behind the crime. In the Internet security industry, the terms “exploit kit” or “attack toolkit” are commonly known and understood by security researchers. However, to the average Internet user, these exploit kits are unfamiliar. So, what exactly are these tools? Why are they written? Who uses them and what makes them so popular — especially, in the wrong hands?

Please enter here to read the complete report on this research. (Please note: the Doc can be downloaded by clicking on the download link on the top right of the page)



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