Online banking trojan (Carberp) developing fast

Trojan construction kit Carberp, which first emerged in the autumn, appears to be undergoing rapid development, according to reports from sources that include security services provider Seculert. F-Secure analyst Toni Koivunen is already calling it the rising star of the banking trojan world.

Where the first versions of Carberp were very simple in their construction, newer versions are equipped with a pretty impressive list of features. It now runs on all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, where, according to TrustDefender, it is able to do its work without requiring administrator privileges. Technically, this is not particularly remarkable – user privileges are, for example, sufficient for it to register as a browser extension. This would allow a trojan to read and modify even encrypted online banking traffic by means of a ‘man-in-the-browser’ attack.

Please enter the 2 links below to read the full report on Carberp’s development.


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