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Six new and rising hacker threats

Posted in IT Security on May 24, 2011 by cobra

Hackers never sleep, it seems. Just when you think you’ve battened down the hatches and fully protected yourself or your business from electronic security risks, along comes a new exploit to keep you up at night. It might be an SMS text message with a malevolent payload or a stalker who dogs your every step online. Or maybe it’s an emerging technology like in-car Wi-Fi that suddenly creates a whole new attack vector.

Whether you’re an IT manager protecting employees and corporate systems or you’re simply trying to keep your own personal data safe, these threats, some rapidly growing and others still emerging, pose a potential risk.

Fortunately, there are some security procedures and tools available to help you win the fight against the bad guys.

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SMS Trojan found in several Google Android Applications

Posted in IT Security on May 13, 2011 by cobra

Google has removed a group of mobile phone applications from its Android Market after it was discovered that the applications contained code that could be used to send SMS (Short Message Service) spam.

Google’s action came after a security firm in Taiwan published a security alert about the apps on Wednesday, saying that there were a total of 11 apps found to have the suspicious code in them. The advisory warns users that the apps send messages to three numbers that can cause users to be subscribed to paid services without their knowledge.The SMS functionality would only work when the user is located in China, according to the advisory.

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