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Warning!! Another critical online banking trojan for Android

Posted in IT Security on September 20, 2011 by cobra

First, Android mobiles were found to be infected with the ZeuS trojan, and now there are reports that SpyEye has also made the jump to this smartphone platform. Online crime prevention vendor Trusteer says that the malware masquerades as a security app and can intercept incoming SMS text messages. This apparently allows it to bypass the mobile TAN system.

ZeuS uses a similar approach when infecting smartphones; previous variants of ZeuS and SpyEye were able to infect systems running Symbian or Windows Mobile. However, there is still no need for users to panic – the malicious programs don’t exploit a vulnerability in the device, they target the person holding the phone, the phone user, who must manually download and install the app. Reasonably careful users are unlikely to fall for the trick.

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